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Indianapolis, IN 46221

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Unique Biotech Innovations LLC was founded in January 2009.This is a Company in the Clinical Chemistry Industry specializing in Hemostasis (Blood Coagulation) products for the Clinical Laboratory market whether it be hospitals, clinical laboratories, for example Lab Corp, or other Clinical Hemostasis Laboratories. We are initially targeting the hospital market which includes approximately 16,000 hospitals worldwide.

Catherine Speck
Catherine Speck
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I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated from Roncalli High School. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Purdue University. I published my Undergraduate Research in the Analytical Chemistry Journal under the direction of Professor Paul L Dubin. I received much of my experience in R&D at Boehringer Mannheim and have done contract work at Eli Lilly & Co. I was on the Board of Directors at Ultraquest Diagnostics with my father, renowned Blood Coagulation Scientist who holds 9 U.S. Patents in the Research and Development of Blood Coagulation Products now on the market. Since his passing in 2006, I have continued his research in his honor. I founded Unique Biotech Innovations LLC in January 2009 and am an Associate Member of the Purdue Technology Center at the Ameriplex in Indianapolis, Indiana. I will be moving to their facility once I receive the required Operating Capital.
I am the proud grandmother of five grandchildren and I enjoy camping and fishing.

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